Thursday, July 26, 2012

Free Skiing at Eagle Ridge Resort, Utah

We find it interesting the different ways free skiing is often used to invite skiers and riders to try new resorts. One of the latest and intriguing stories with free skiing is Eagle Ridge in Utah.

Eagle Point resort is so intent on expanding its market that it’s offering free, unlimited skiing to California residents next winter. And for everyone else,skiing and riding are free on Thursdays in January. Looks like a great excuse to plan a road trip and check out something new. 

To receive free lift privileges, visitors must simply provide a name and email address (and Californians must add proof of address).

Why free? "We have a truly exceptional mountain that people love to visit,” said Shane Gadbaw, CEO and co-owner of the resort. "Our last remaining challenge is to massively increase awareness in the core markets of Las Vegas, southern California and Utah." The resort is about 200 miles from both Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Eagle Point,formerly known as Elk Meadows, had been closed for eight years at the beginning of the century. A New York-based hedge fund assumed control in 2010 after the failed Mt. Holly episode and has upgraded the facilities.

The area is scheduled to open for the 2012-13 season on Dec. 21.The current plan is to operate Thursdays through Sundays and weekly during holiday periods. The resort is also trying to rent out the area to private groups Mondays through Wednesdays. The close proximity to Las Vegas is one of the target markets. 

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